Jasal  d.o.o.

Jasal LLC domestic company, headquartered in Sarajevo, far better known under the brand “Tahirović” was established in 2006. The founders are a married couple, Sanela and Jasmin Tahirović. The company was named after the initials of family names (Jasmin, Sanela, Aldan). Products of the company “Tahirović” from the year 2003 were placed in the chain of herbal pharmacies Tahirović then trough the initiative of our customers and business partners spreaded to the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jasal Company is engaged in manufacturing products of medicinal herbs and honey. Also making and releasing pharmaceutical products as well as packaging and distribution to the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. First of all, love for nature, life and work experience, education, professional training were the safe path towards the realization of a dream for the nature to be the center of our interest.  To feel the spirit of nature is to establish contact with her. When we do this, we can say that we have begun the process of improving health. Combination of natural beauty of our country, ecological clean and conserved areas as well as very long and rich tradition of using herbs in national medicine have created a huge range of products enriched with superior quality and design, to the satisfaction of the multitude of our customers and business partners.

Today Jasal, recordes numerous business successes in the Bosnia and Herzegovina market, wich is evidenced by many years of positive operations. Of course, all this with a professional staff, the dominant pharmaceutical profiles. The company currently has nine employees, and it plans to employ new professional staff.

Business strategy, mission, our business team …

Any successful company must have a clear vision of the future and direction of movement, creativity and innovation of employees and a strong orientation towards user-centered interest group company. Jasal’s mission, is to create a high quality natural product to pleasure above all the end user, as well as employees and the founder. The competitive advantage of the company, is a professional, motivated, and happy business team. Human resources are the basis on which to build the company’s strategy, and all resources as assets, raw materials and capital targets as sales and customer satisfaction and depart from people and the basis of their action. Our employees are the most important part of success and our focus on employees guarantees achieving success in our business. Productivity has so far proved to be quite actively involving employees because their work in this company does us joy. The success and value of the company come from the innovation and creativity of the people who work at the company. Attracting, retaining and rewarding talent is our focus for the future. Investing in the development of our staff is the most profitable investment and an essential prerequisite for the development of each company.


Sanela Tahirović
Director and owner of the company
Jasmin Tahirović
Deputy director and owner of the company
Aldan Tahirović
Key Account Manager
Aldiana Šahat
Key Account Manager
Selma Ahmetspahić
Head of production
Maida Džeko
Person responsible for pharmacovigilance, mr.ph.
Samra Sadiković
Quality Control, Bachelor of Engineering Chemistry